Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Seems like Roger and the Wolf are getting along - notice all the black tips in the background. For more info on the dive and picture go to Roger's blog.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Roger does it again

Another spectacular shot by Roger Horrocks. Tiger, Wolf, and another tiger in background.

Lemon and hogs

I went diving yesterday in Key Largo - armed with pole spear and camera, a bit challenging having all the gear dangling from the weight belt. I put together a brief video, think it captures everything. I did notice that the fish had completely different reactions to me when I would film opposed to hunt - sixth sense. Plus, I can imagine my muscles being tense from pulling back on the spear.

The lemon shark was on a hook that was meant for a barracuda - it was released and swam away.

In reference to a prior posting regarding the "taste's like bacon - hog fish" - I need to give credit where it's do: a friend of mine, Craig, mentioned it when I told him about the hog.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Real men...pansy

Congratulations to the team of the Sea Ya Later II and captain Lindsey Stanley for killing a 12ft 1,000lbs mako shark. Takes real men, apparently 8 to handle the shark. How about tag-and-release? Would love to see these guys in the water with a mako...real men and a woman.


Roger, Wolf, and Tigers

I just received an email from my dad and two photos taken by Roger Horrocks. The two seem to be getting along, not just amongst themselves, but with the Tigers as well. Read about their last two days on Roger's blog.

Roger - excellent photos, suggestion: you and Wolf should publish a book, 1 page color the other B/W, all proceeds will go towards the conservation of sharks (well, maybe not all proceeds ;) ). Young blood and new blood with the same passion and great photography, would also make for exceptional story.

I will have to join next time to film the adventure.

Both photographs were taken by Roger.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

An email from the Wolf

We were starting to worry a bit about the old Wolf - as we had not received any communication from him in over three days - considering he is diving with Tigers - it was a bit concerning. Here is some of the email he wrote me:

The water is not clear - in fact the visibility is LOUSY, about 6-7 m with tigers between 3 and 4 m!!! :-) This is NOT like tiger beach, but the tigers are the same!! I LOVE THEM!!!
Felix: i will write a summary for the blog once i am back, impossible from here. Hope to contact you soon again. NEVER worry about the old man!! He crazy, boy, but he no dumb!!!!!" (From the Bahamas days...)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sea Lion "Attacks" Surfer

What's next? - seal lions will be finned? I really doubt that the sea lion attacked the surfer - but what do I know, if CNN says it's a attack, it must be an attack...


Saturday, April 14, 2007


No - it does not taste like bacon. I would have to say that hogfish is one of the best tasting fish in the Caribbean / Atlantic. It is usually impossible to find at the supermarket or restaurant as you have to spear them. Unfortunately for them, it is extremely easy - they are not shy fish and stalking is not really required.

Other highlights of today, besides eating hogfish, was a large loggerhead turtle and a group of eight nurse sharks - one might have been female and the 7 other were males, no interest in hogs.

Tried on my new 5mm, I felt like a stiff and it was choking my neck - not sure how that will work out. Think I am going back to my old one 3mm - plus the water is getting warm. I also realized today how out of diving shape I am - need to start my cardio again.

I guess the old man is somewhere between Brazil and Africa at this moment - check in when you land.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Out Diving

Wolf is on his way to South Africa to dive and photograph the Tiger Sharks there - I have asked him to post an entry everyday for two reasons:

1. Hear the stories
2. Make sure he did not become a "tiger" sandwich

I am off diving to the Keys tomorrow - seems like the weather will actually be good - will post report tomorrow.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

OceanicDreams in Second Life

Not sure if you are familiar with with Second Life, it is a 3d virtual community. I have been on it frequently and even made a few good friends. Valiant is the owner of Laguna Beach and has been an advocate of promoting OceanicDreams / sharks in Second Life. Together we have showcased my father's photography and video - had a very successful turnout.

Now Valiant created an area dedicated to sharks - there is access to the video, photos, and even a petition to stop shark finning. Just a big shout out and thank you to Valiant for making it always happen...the sharks thank you too.

Ecuador wakes up?

Seems like Ecuador's president, Correa, wants to "protect" the Galapagos Islands limiting tourism and residency permits. Here is a link to the article that was posted on CNN:


Remains to be seen if this government will be any better than the previous ones - ah the corruption.

Having been there in 2003 and 2005 I was SHOCKED by the amount of taxis, trash, and unfinished / run down buildings there were in Puerto Ayora. Not to mention the declining population of sharks. In 03 we visited a spot where there were about 20 Galapagos sharks, two years later we did not see any.

Thanks to Claudio for sending the article.

Saturday, April 07, 2007


Sharkwater (movie on shark finning by Rob Stewart) has just posted a pledge on its site:


Please sign it...

More Tiger Sharks .......

....... personally, I can't get enough of them! That is why you'll find me at the end of next week in South Africa, south of Durban, where I will be free-diving with dem big tiga ladies what you find ova dere (can't get rid of my Bahamian accent...).

I will have a dive buddy this time: Roger Horrocks, a very talented underwater photographer and a confirmed free-diver (it is good to have tough competition!!). Fiona Aherst, another great photographer and a fan of bull sharks, might join, too.

In December 2007 I will be back at Tiger Beach, and - psssst, my wife doesn't know yet! - I am already toying with the idea of booking yet another tiger shark trip to Tiger Beach in March 2008. Which ain't gonna be the last one. Remember what I said recently: I am hooked on tiger sharks....

So, what do you all say? Am I nuts or what?

See more photos here

Not giving up on Alibaba....

From: Wolfgang Leander < wolfgang@oceanicdreams.com>
Date: Apr 7, 2007 12:03 AM
Subject: http://www.sharkwater.com/index.htm
To: porter@alibaba-inc.com, csplinder@alibaba-inc.com

Dear Porter, dear Christina:

You should not miss to see this movie:


I am not actually bombarding you with stuff, and personal pleas - but I don't want you to think that I don't care about 'the issue' anymore. I do, and so do countless others.

Obviously, 'the issue' is not Alibaba's role in the international shark fin trade alone. Let's face it: You are not even playing a big part in this disgraceful multi-billion dollar business - hard to quantify, but that is really not the point. The point is that you seem not to bother to work for a company which simply does not to care much about the health of the world to which we belong, you and Mr. Ma himself included.

To pretend that it is none of your business to tell your superior, Mr. Ma, apparently the only individual at Alibaba who could decide to stop brokering shark parts, to abandon this business, is NOT correct knowing what this is all about. And you know perfectly well what is at stake with this whole shark fin stuff.

You could make a small, yet important difference for the sake of Alibaba, and for your own sake. You could convince Mr. Ma that it is not right to participate in the shark fin trade, and you could convince Mr. Ma that the online shark fin trade will be affecting the company's and his personal image. Am I wrong? Or do you think I do not understand how businesses work? Well, I do, and I also know that having moral principles is GOOD business practice. To be, or to choose not to be involved, in the shark fin trade is a question of morality, nothing else.

My question to you is simple: Can you explain to yourselves (I have given up the hope that you will ever write back to me) how well educated people can willfully ignore the catastrophic consequences of shark finning, and find nothing wrong with working for a company that is blatantly disregarding its corporate responsibilities to the world community? Don't you feel that perhaps you shouldn't be working for Alibaba or else that you should try to change things that are within your reach? Convincing Mr. Ma that Alibaba ought to stop offering the shark fin traders a virtual market place IS within your reach.

Best regards,


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Free diving buddy

So I may have found a new free diving buddy. A friend at work introduced me to her father who seems to be a nut about free diving and spearing. I went down to the Keys this weekend, unfortunately the winds were blowing a bit too much - rough seas. But there is a saying my father told me - a little dirty, some divers in Guernsey told him, but oh well:

"No m&*f too tough, no wave too rough, we dive at five"

Had the video camera and pole spear ready...from what I hear there are shark (camera) and hog fish (spear), also know as chicken of the sea (not tuna).

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

WildAid petition

Another petition on the ban of shark finning, please sign it. This one will go to Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary General.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Media is not helping

Why does the media insist on calling shark incidents, shark attacks. And add a photograph of a white shark (for an "attack" that happened in Florida)???

Last "attack" happened in Orlando, 7 year old was bitten in the leg, not life threatening.



X-Ray Magazine Article

Take a look at X-Ray Mag's latest issue, there is an article written by my dad and features some of his photography as well. Coincidentally, Rob Stewart (Shark Water Movie) is also featured. New generation and old generation saving the sharks.

See article here, it is in PDF format. Also, take a look at http://www.xray-mag.com