Saturday, April 14, 2007


No - it does not taste like bacon. I would have to say that hogfish is one of the best tasting fish in the Caribbean / Atlantic. It is usually impossible to find at the supermarket or restaurant as you have to spear them. Unfortunately for them, it is extremely easy - they are not shy fish and stalking is not really required.

Other highlights of today, besides eating hogfish, was a large loggerhead turtle and a group of eight nurse sharks - one might have been female and the 7 other were males, no interest in hogs.

Tried on my new 5mm, I felt like a stiff and it was choking my neck - not sure how that will work out. Think I am going back to my old one 3mm - plus the water is getting warm. I also realized today how out of diving shape I am - need to start my cardio again.

I guess the old man is somewhere between Brazil and Africa at this moment - check in when you land.

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