Sunday, May 29, 2011

Julie Andersen

Julie Andersen, South Africa (2008)
Photo: Wolfgang Leander

Julie was a good friend of mine, and as friendships sometimes develop, especially between strong-minded individuals, our relationship went sour, unfortunately. I guess we both had valid reasons for splitting.

Whatever, this won't hinder me to recognize, and deeply appreciate, the exemplary work Julie is doing, and her dedication to put shark conservation above anything else in her life - except, perhaps, the love she feels for Paul Wildman, her fiance (maybe her husband by now? :-).

Here is a superb documentary about Julie and her work: The feature deserves to be distributed widely, and this blog is my humble contribution toward it.

Julie: Hat off, well done!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Shark-Free Marinas is Kicking Ass

Shark-Free Marinas has been very active lately - they have just launched a new website and have come out with two PSAs featuring Guy Harvey, Slash, and Elizabeth Berkley among others.

We have long been supporters of this fantastic initiative and it is great to see the campaign grow.  Check out our first post back in October of 2008.

Please please visit Shark-Free Marinas - spread the word - and get your local marina to become SHARK FREE!

To all those involve in this project (especially those back in 2008) - congratulations and thank you for sticking with this and keep on kicking ass.