Friday, March 29, 2013

Ila France Porcher at the Forefront of Shark Conservation

Sharks need to be protected from Canadian politicians!
Photo: Wolfgang Leander (2008)
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Here is a blog posted by Ila  - it's an open letter addressed to the Canadian government to reconsider their recent decision not to ban the sale of shark fins in their country.

With her letter Ila has proven, once again, her deep passion and love for sharks, her talent as a writer, and her unassuming tenacity in pursuing her sincere conviction that she must do everything within her reach to protect animals from human cruelty, greed, and depravity. Wherever Ila sees a creature suffer, her heart bleeds.

Ila France Porcher
Self-Portrait (2012)
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Ila is one of the very few individuals I have come across who, unlike so many others, puts her ego behind the cause that has become the driving force of her life: Fighting for sharks, actively, totally committed, without pompously broadcasting her achievements which is what most in the shark "business" do - be they organizations or individuals.