Sunday, May 05, 2013

My daughter-in-law Carmen surprised me again!

First big surprise: In July 2011 she gave birth to the most beautiful, charming, smart, and sensitive grand-child on earth: Wolfie. *)

OK - agreed, it was not just her accomplishment; Felix also played an instrumental role in it, as it were...  :-)

Carmen and Wolfie (April 2013)
Photo: Karin Leander

Second big surprise: During my recent stay in Miami, Carmen asked me one day, passing, whether I would like to see her first book, a children's book. I thought she would give me the manuscript to peruse it. 

No, what she handed me over was a freshly printed copy of the the book, "Written and illustrated by Carmen Leander" as it says on the cover. 

I could not believe what I held in my hands!!! I was absolutely flabbergasted!!! To be sure, I knew that Carmen likes to draw but so far I had not the slightest idea just how talented and creative she is, both as a story-teller and as an illustrator.  

"The Pleek-Plook Puzzle"  is written for young children aged 3 - 6 or 7 (even slightly older children, like the ones in my age bracket - I am 72 - would enjoy it, too...). 

Wolfie loves the book - no wonder, his mom dedicated it to him. While he cannot read it by himself yet - Wolfie is not even two years old - he already knows the entire alphabet, and going over the words to identify every single letter gives him what undeniably seems to be an immense literary pleasure...  :-)

The book's message is twofold, simple and straight-forward, designed to be easily and playfully assimilated by fresh and curious young minds: 

1) Help preserve the health of our oceans, 


2) Do not fear what seems to be strange, perhaps even threatening - rather get to know it to discover its beauty and purposefulness. 

Here is the link to  

If you have small kids or grand-kids, get the book - they will love it, so will you!!! 

*) I know, I know - ALL grand-children are like that...   :-)