Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Free diving buddy

So I may have found a new free diving buddy. A friend at work introduced me to her father who seems to be a nut about free diving and spearing. I went down to the Keys this weekend, unfortunately the winds were blowing a bit too much - rough seas. But there is a saying my father told me - a little dirty, some divers in Guernsey told him, but oh well:

"No m&*f too tough, no wave too rough, we dive at five"

Had the video camera and pole spear ready...from what I hear there are shark (camera) and hog fish (spear), also know as chicken of the sea (not tuna).

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Wolfgang Leander said...

The essential word of the saying you quoted is: MUFF - Gotta spell it properly, so people will be able to enjoy it - hahahahahahaha!!!!

De old Wolf (hooked on tigers now; as a young man hooked on muffs :-)