Thursday, April 12, 2007

OceanicDreams in Second Life

Not sure if you are familiar with with Second Life, it is a 3d virtual community. I have been on it frequently and even made a few good friends. Valiant is the owner of Laguna Beach and has been an advocate of promoting OceanicDreams / sharks in Second Life. Together we have showcased my father's photography and video - had a very successful turnout.

Now Valiant created an area dedicated to sharks - there is access to the video, photos, and even a petition to stop shark finning. Just a big shout out and thank you to Valiant for making it always happen...the sharks thank you too.


Mark said...

I let my Second Life trial period expire awhile ago. Spent a lot of time just wandering around - I am still amazed to find people that have quit their real life jobs to run businesses there. Maybe I will have to sign up again and check your space out.

Unknown said...

Just a small space to create some awareness - I doubt I will quit my job ;)