Saturday, April 07, 2007

More Tiger Sharks .......

....... personally, I can't get enough of them! That is why you'll find me at the end of next week in South Africa, south of Durban, where I will be free-diving with dem big tiga ladies what you find ova dere (can't get rid of my Bahamian accent...).

I will have a dive buddy this time: Roger Horrocks, a very talented underwater photographer and a confirmed free-diver (it is good to have tough competition!!). Fiona Aherst, another great photographer and a fan of bull sharks, might join, too.

In December 2007 I will be back at Tiger Beach, and - psssst, my wife doesn't know yet! - I am already toying with the idea of booking yet another tiger shark trip to Tiger Beach in March 2008. Which ain't gonna be the last one. Remember what I said recently: I am hooked on tiger sharks....

So, what do you all say? Am I nuts or what?

See more photos here

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