Friday, April 29, 2011

I miss my South African friends ....

Photo: Wolfgang Leander (2010)
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.... here are two of them: Jifa, aka Jean-Francois Avenier, and a tiger beauty of Aliwal Shoal.

I know Jifa is alive and well. But the striped girl?

Aliwal Shoal is a Marine Protected Area - yet she and all the others sharks are not because of the nearby shark nets and fishermen who go for their fins clandestinely within and without the MPA.

I haven't heard anything about the shark net situation in Scottburgh / Umkomaas lately.

In this case no news is bad news, unfortunately...

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Adie Andrews said...

The picture is amazing :) I really don't know any other animal with so fearing beauty like the tiger shark. Thanks for sharing this.

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