Friday, April 29, 2011

Tiger Shark Killers in US Virgin Islands

Just finished reading the two posts by Shark Diver about the recent killings of Tiger Sharks in the US Virgin Islands.  Shocking indeed - particularly watching the video.  As mentioned by Shark Divers - hopefully there are some local dive shops, government officials, or just people passionate enough about sharks that will put an end to this...pretty damn cruel.

Please read the posts here.


Wolfgang Leander said...

Andy Greaux, owner of this charter operation, belongs to the scum of the oceans. He, Vic Hislop, Bill Goldschmitt, and many others "professional" shark hunters are incredibly primitive primates all cut of the same cloth.

Unknown said...

Wolfgang can kiss my ass as he knows nothing about me. I am a licensed commercial fisherman and only takes sustainable catch, what I can use, and utilize the entire catch. Nothing goes to waste. Besides, I have not caught any sharks in the past year and those previously caught were maybe 4-6 per year. That is not wiping out the species as they multiply faster than one might think. Wolfgang probably hasn't done a hard day's work in his life and probably sits at a desk all day and run his mouth. When he has to labor for his means of living, then he can talk. Until then he should mind his own Goddamn business. I'm not insulting. I'm just defending myself, but I'm being insulted by by this piece of crap that don't know anything about me. This video was posted by Karl Callwood because he tried to take over my Sharkbite Charters business and failed, so he posted negative parts to discredit me. He did not post the good videos with nice underwater scenes and people having a good time. Search for "The Vante girls takes a chunk out of Sharkbite Charters." You might think differently then.

Unknown said...

Who is this piece of shit to call names?

Unknown said...

Andy - thank your for your insightful response. It is always great to hear both sides of the story. Keep up your great work of not killing any sharks in the last year.

Happy hunting.