Tuesday, November 02, 2010

My apologies to Bite-Back

What I wrote about Bite-Back in my last blog needs to be clarified. Graham Buckingham of Bite-Back wrote this mail to me - I wasn't aware that he also runs a one-man show.


As the campaign director of Bite-Back I would like to acknowledge your commentary about our ability to help support the Alibaba project. Maybe this will come as a surprise but … I am Bite-Back. All on my own.

Since I set up Bite-Back some seven years ago I have run the organisation (now a charity) single handedly alongside a full time career. Hopefully this article in the Daily Telegraph will help spell out what I do - http://bit.ly/uTMki

In the past it has saddened me that I couldn’t say ‘yes’ to every opportunity that has been presented – but if I felt I couldn’t commit to a project fully I would say so.

In fact, without sponsors, celebrity endorsement or a system for donations (yet), I have been running Bite-Back with passion and enthusiasm … and no financial support.

Such is my ambition to promote shark and marine conservation issues I quit my job at the end of January to take Bite-Back on full time and I remain unsalaried yet more determined than ever.

Now that I have more time, please do get in touch if you think we can work together. After all, without knowing it I could be one of ‘your kinda people’?

I hope so.

Best wishes,


Thank you for enlightening me.

YES, Graham, you most definitely belong to "my kinda people". Not only that: Your decision to devote yourself to the conservation of sharks and the ocean full time is admirable. You've certainly gottalotta guts!! Hats off!!

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