Monday, October 04, 2010

We need the Bahamian sharks - badly!!

Some 40 years ago I was a press and PR officer of the second largest German investment fund company. The first lessons I learned there were: 1) PR begins at home, and 2) you don't wait for the media to contact you - you go out to get them interested in what you have to say.

Which is precisely what I did one week ago, when I approached Mike Alexiou, a good old Bahamian friend of mine, asking him to put me in touch with the editorial board of the most prestigious and oldest Bahamian newspaper, The Nassau Guardian (est. 1844).

Luckily, the Guardian's Managing Director, Erica Wells, was very interested to publish an article about the mortal danger the Bahamian sharks are facing these days, a subject that alarmed local and international conservationist associations as well as recreational divers from all over the world.

Dr. Samuel Gruber, Professor Emeritus of t
he University of Miami, the famous "Doc", and Jill M. Hepp, Manager of Global Shark Conservation at the PEW Charitable Trusts, supplied me with most valuable and current information on the subject of shark conservation in the Bahamas.

If this PR action will help enhancing awarene
ss of the plight of the sharks in the Bahamas, it will be due to "Doc's" and Jill's input, and, of course, to Erica Well's mastership of the journalistic craft.

Here is what Erica wrote on October 4, 2010:

To be able to read the article, click on images - once enlarged, click on them again.


Megan Frances said...

Brilliant, Wolgang! As someone who also lived in the Bahamas, dived with you there and shares a deep appreciation for the importance of sharks, I'm SO glad you contacted the Guardian. Fabulous picture of Lyn too! It's sad that sharks are so misunderstood - raising awareness about them is crucial. I'm going to forward a link to your blog to friends on Andros.

Wolfgang Leander said...

Thanks, Peggy! The sharks in the Bahamas need a lot of support before it is too late to protect them from rapacious shark fin traders!

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