Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Bahamas: Eden for Sharks?

The Bahamian sharks need to be protected from reckless fishermen and Chinese "gourmets"!

A tiger and a wolf in perfect harmony as captured by Manuel Lazcano (Bahamas, 2009).

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Back in March 2007 there was no need to add a question mark to how the National Geographic Magazine described the Bahamian archipelago in its main feature.

At that time nobody would have even dreamt that this Eden for sharks could ever become a hunting ground for a reckless Bahamian seafood company to satisfy its Chinese clients' demand for shark fins.

After reading the National Geographic Magazine article you will understand why so many shark conservationists - organizations and concerned individuals - are totally OUTRAGED about the nightmarish thought of exterminating the Bahamian sharks so that wealthy Chinese can eat shark fin soup.

Shark fin soup is a very costly dish the Chinese consider not just a mere delicacy but a social privilege not to be challenged by "foreigners" who have no respect for ancient "cultural" traditions...

Here is the National Geographic Magazine article.
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