Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Discovery Shark Week 2010 - Shark Attack Survival Guide

Well, it seems like Discovery Shark Week is back to the usual crap as the episodes are gradually moving from good to flat out unwatchable.  So bad was this episode that I was completely de-motivated to watch another one tonight - writing this post is as painful as my TV session last night.  Bring on the shark porn.
  • Hosted by former Green Beret Terry Schappert.  SF guys are resourceful and tough mothers with a 1,000 mile stare.  And I believe they can pretty much find a way to survive in any environment - lots of respect.  He was just dealt a bad script, bad special effects, and poor production.  I also saw him a few times hitting sharks and wrestling them in cages - WTF?
  • Co-host was a scientist whose name escapes me - seems like he memorized the script - sounded like he was reading it.
  • ABC4 was cameraman for this episode: 0-2
  • The survival tactics just seemed like a bunch of backyard experiments - don't think I would implement any of them, how many people will actually get stuck in a cage with a shark (which would be the dive operators fault in the first place by making the sharks come so close by flinging the bait by the cage)...here is some survival advice, when spearfishing and sharks come...give up the fish and leave.
I could write more but I feel like I am starting to bore myself and you...I dread the thought of having to watch another episode.

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So poor was this episode that i experienced been entirely de-motivated to look at one more a single tonight
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