Monday, September 27, 2010

Discovery Shark Week 2010 - Into The Shark Bite

The second episode of Discovery’s Shark Week 2010 seems to be more applicable to last year’s lineup which is unfortunate as Ultimate Air Jaws was well done.  The network describes Into the Shark Bite as: “Go on a wild ride as we show you the last thing you'd ever want to see in real life: close up views of attacks by the world's most deadly sharks — from inside their mouths! Shark expert Mark Addison and underwater cameraman Andy Casagrande risk life and limb to get their special mini-HD cameras INTO THE SHARK BITE!”

  • Logo used had the usual blood streaks that Discovery loves so much 
  • Show was hosted by Andy Brandy Casagrande IV, A.K.A ABC4, and Mark Addison
  • ABC4 is known for his involvement as cameraman or producer for shows such as Deadly Waters, Great White Appetite, and Shark Attack Survival Guide.  Deadly Waters did nothing positive for sharks, nor did this one…and I will see what Shark Attack Survival Guide is all about tomorrow. These shows just seem to add to what has become known as shark porn.  Andy is also a singer – he wrote a song about white sharks.  Throughout the show, ABC4 reminds us how dangerous the situations are that Mark and he are in – he also screams too much.  I met Andy at a Shark Saver’s fundraiser event – he sang his song.  Mike wrote a bit about him as well – read post here
  • Mark Addison is an experienced shark diving operator in South Africa.  He was part of a phenomenal shark documentary called Deadly Stripes.  Surprised as to why he would participate in the production of this show, a show that refers to “his” Tiger Sharks as the second most deadly sharks.  Read their blog description, it tells a different story from this show. (It should be noted that all operators have been incident free).  
  • Mark is bumped by a black tip on the surface – why would they show this as part of the show?  A rhetorical question, of course. The bump made this look as a dangerous situation which it was not.
  • The HD GOPRO is a phenomenal product.
Overall, I did not find an educational value or any other meaningful purpose to this episode…I think it still feeds off the fear that people have being inside a sharks mouth.  If anything, it reinforces the message of angst.  You can watch some excerpts of the show here – of course it features the Black Tip bump.

Wonder what the next episode holds...

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