Wednesday, December 09, 2009

"Shark Conservation - Make it Personal" (Richard Theiss)

Tiger Shark - Photo by Wolfgang Leander

Good post from Richard on shark conservation and bring it to a personal level so that people can make a connection - definitely worth a read:

"I have said in the past that shark conservation is a tough sell. Whether it's the public's general uneasiness with sharks thanks to years of over-sensationalized media or an ingrained cultural bias towards shark products (or seafood in general), gaining converts throughout the masses has been challenging. Part of that lies in the difficulty in making a personal connection, making an argument that resonates within the individual - "this will affect me." But sometimes it's the opposition that, unfortunately, is able to accomplish that to their advantage."

Read complete post here.

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Shark Diver said...

Great post, but Wolf practically INVENTED this style of shark conservation years ago for the rest of us to follow, anyone remember?