Saturday, December 05, 2009

Mike Ellis: Sharing...

A Wolf and a Tiger - Photo by: Mike Ellis

I first met Mike Ellis one year ago on a dive trip to the Bahamas, I will be the first to admit that things really did not click - partly due to the fact that we never really "talked".  This year I had the pleasure to dive with Mike again and I must say there was a completely different vibe and we actually spent a lot of time talking about everything but photography and the ocean (of course we also spoke about that, but the conversation went beyond the superficial BS).

I had already known that Mike was a great photographer from the previous trip, but what I really noticed this time was his willingness to share his know how / tips / secrets to get the right shot in the right lighting...and to any professionals out there, put your ego aside and listen to him...he has probably taken more photos of dolphins, sharks, sunsets, and candid boat photos in the Bahamas than anyone I know - maybe with the exception of Jim A.

Wolf and Felix Leander - Photo by: Mike Ellis

Mike has been diving since the mid 80s - it was in 1992 aboard the Truk Aggressor that he met Jim Church who was on assignment to gather marital for his 2nd book on the Nikonos V and Nikon RS systems.

While on a dive Jim ask Mike to finish off the roll of film for him. That was all it took, he was hooked. Soon after that he had his own Nikonos V kit (to my father's disappointment - he has now gone digital ;) ).  Today Mike uses a Nikon D70s/Aquatica housing/ Nikonos 105s Speed lights.

I invite you to take a look at Mike's website and photography at: - you will not be disappointed.  

And I can say this, aside from the from the photography, Mike is a very good person (I am not just saying this because he is a black belt in a martial art I cannot remember now). 

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