Friday, December 04, 2009

Lemon Sharks Could be Safe in Florida

Lemon sharks may have more to smile about.  Photo by Wolfgang Leander

Just got an email from The Doc, link to an article posted in the Sun Sentinel regarding the protection of Lemon Sharks in the state of Florida.  We have written about the subject before in this blog.

By David Fleshler:

"They are the lords of the reefs, powerful 10-foot sharks that prowl shallow coastal waters, snatching stingrays, crabs and mullet.

But while lemon sharks can hold their own in the undersea jungle, they face a tougher time against the predators equipped with powerboats, baited hooks and satellite tracking devices.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission this month is considering a ban on the catch of lemon sharks, hoping to protect a species that plays an important role in maintaining the health of coral reefs.

The proposal for the ban came from a group of scientists and environmentalists clustered around University of Miami professor Samuel Gruber, the world's foremost lemon shark expert. They fear that restrictions on catching other shark species over the past couple of years are leading fishermen to turn their attention to lemon sharks. Since 2004, the Florida lemon shark catch has risen more than 400 percent..."

Read complete article here.

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