Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Tiger sharks - help, help!!.........

Felix filming his dad befriending a gentle tiger lady.
Photo: Manuel Lazcano
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....... we, the Leanders, are totally addicted to tiger sharks!!

Do you know, by any chance, a SLA group ("Shark Lovers Anonymous") that could help us to become "clean"?

Just kidding, of course. We most definitely do not want to get cured from the tiger shark addiction!

Here you can see both Leanders "at work": Felix filming his old man playing with a gentle tiger lady. YES, "gentle". However, in order not to be misinterpreted, please read the disclaimer on the right, printed in red.

We don't want to get into trouble with those "experts" who have never dived with tiger sharks, yet insist that tiger sharks are notorious man-eaters, and vociferously claim that what we are doing is "irresponsible" as it might create the impression that these large sharks are as docile as dog puppies.

Unfortunately, these "experts" prefer to believe what other "experts" with NO or very little experience with sharks have been preaching since "Jaws" was released (1975), and before.

Once again: Tiger sharks are most gentle sharks but as predators they are not harmless. Are we, for that matter...??

So, unless you have a LOT of experience diving with sharks and know how they behave in any given circumstance, don't interact with them closely, don't hand-feed them, and humbly enjoy the incredible privilege of being able to observe them in their habitat.

'Relevant experience': I have had my first shark encounters while spear-fishing in the Caribbean back in 1968, and believe that I was able to pass on some of that practically acquired knowledge of shark behavior to Felix who was born eight years after I had seen "my" first shark.

Photo: Manuel Lazcano
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Anyway - as you can see, I just looooove to hug dem striped babes....

Long live the tiger sharks of Tiger Beach, ALL sharks wherever they have
"their" beaches...


lyn nelson said...

That was great!!! Perfect. I am smiling. And I thank you both for introducing these Tiger Girls to me last year, and helping me learn more about them last month. Being in their presence is a truly remarkable experience. I love their slow-moving dances and passes, the way their bodies turn, the slight movements of their fins and tails gently guiding them. I have the deepest respect for them.

It is a treat watching father and son move with such grace loving being in the water with their Tiger Girl friends. Thank you both.

P.S. Although I am completely out of practice, it was fun rooting out those lion fish with to think we made a little difference even though I only got four myself with a LOT of errant shots!

Danielle said...
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DaShark said...

Gut gebruellt alter Loewe!