Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wolf Update

Operation date has been set for this coming Sunday - early in the morning.  The surgery will take about 8 hours.  Post treatment will be dependent on his recovery.  The whole stomach will be removed - diet will change - most importantly the portions - he will have to eat like a bird (not like a shark) - about eight portions a day.

At this point the only real next update I will be able to give is when he is out of surgery.

Until then - thanks to everyone that has shown their support - it has meant a lot to the Old Wolf and has motivated him to come back even more quickly.  I think it also made him realize some things about himself that he did not know before - but I will leave that up to him to share...


Jeff Schreiber said...

Please pass on our absolute best to Wolf, and we're thinking of him constantly. I'm sure connecting with birds will be a bit of a change for the [not so] old man, but if anyone can form a connection with any species on this planet, it would be your father!

the One called "Bitey".... said...

All the very best wishes, for a successful operation and recovery.