Thursday, March 26, 2009

A tsunami of sympathy and concern has engulfed me, leaving me stunned.

Dozens of people are concerned about my health, many of those who expressed their sympathy even don´t know me.

I know myself, and can tell you that I do not deserve such over-whelming tokens of friendship and solidarity, not even from the many well-wishers who know me personally.

Although I am feeling very well, all the good vibes and the waves of energy that are reaching me give me additional strength, and at the same time deeply humble me.

I truly believed that only a few people care for me - my family, my good friends (I haven´t many), and perhaps - no: most definitely my dogs, Chiara and Lupi. I thought that to be normal.

But now, in an extreme situation, I discover that I do have so many unexpected friends who share my oceanic passions and my inexplicable love for sharks. Friends who are genuine. That I consider a very precious gift and a commitment to not let go.

So, my friends, wherever you are, whether or not our paths have crossed, here is to you, and my turn to return your sympathy, and your love:

I love you all, and I promise you that I will stick around - and if God allows me to keep that promise (I don´t believe in him or her - still, he or she IS the boss... :-) we will all go shark diving soon, tiger shark diving!!

Of all the countless messages I received during the last week, this one touched the core of my soul. The three little well-wishers are my newly found friends Russell (3), Michael (10), and Guy (7) Eustace.

They are the grand-children of my dear friend
Guy Meeker who died a few days before Christmas 2008.

The boys did not draw the cute shark just to please me; they drew the shark because after our brief encounter in Nassau, where Guy was laid to rest in the Bahamian Sea he so much loved, Michael and Guy became confirmed shark friends.

With friends like them, there is hope for the sharks....

Thank you, guys! I really hope to see you soon again, and maybe in two or three years you, your parents, your grand-ma Lyn, my son Felix, and I will go to the Bahamas to snorkel with tiger sharks.

Does that sound like a deal? Then gimme five!!! :-)


Oceanic Defence said...

Don't sell yourself short Wolf. You are what many people dream they could be. Free to live their passion.

We will all be thinking of you on Sunday and waiting for your update when you are able.

We are ALL sending you All our positive vibes.

See you in November.


Hanli said...

Yes, 'five' to that!
I'm with you all the way! You and I have had a special connection from day 1... minute 1!!! and I can't wait to share it again.
Warm hugs and prayers... love!

Jennifer said...

I will also be pulling for you, Wolf, on Sunday.
All good wishes to you and the rest of family--
Just one of your many, MANY fans from around the world, above and below the water,
Jennifer Martin
Milwaukee, WI

Wolfgang Leander said...

Hanli, Jennifer, Jeff:

THANK YOU!!!!! You will make my day on Sunday - :-)

Hugs for you,