Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Old School

So it is confirmed, my video camera is done for, may she rest in peace. So what to do...today I decided to go old school and take one of my dad's Nikonos V's and try some photography (non-digital). We delivered the film today in Durban, should be developed by Friday.

Today we only saw one tiger shark and she did not stay around (water temperature changed by 2 degrees - goes to show how sensitive these animals are), however, there were well over 40 black tip sharks around us. They remind my very much of dogs, where ever you go they go in the hopes of getting a treat - a rotten sardine.

For dinner we went to a lovely Indian restaurant in Durban with Kristin - food and company was great.

Tomorrow I will take on the sharks with the Nikonos again, maybe I will take my dad's torch...

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