Wednesday, April 16, 2008

No wave to rough...

Unfortunately we only saw two Tigers today and they were a bit shy. Water was extremely rough, felt like in a washing machine, current was coming from one direction and wind was blowing in another.

We had one SCUBA diver on board, I believe it was his first dive with tiger sharks, spent a good 5-7 dives moving the sharks away from the diver as they would approach from the back. Just a gentle touch on the head does the trick. Leaves my wondering why someone would not turn 360 degrees once in a while to see what is going on behind them. Tunnel vision is an understatement when you have a mask on.

Spent the rest of the time taking pictures of the old man, tomorrow we head into Durban to drop off more film and Friday we are going back to the Indian restaurant with Kristin, it was that good.

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