Monday, April 14, 2008

#$@% me!

When someone says that their camera housing floods you think: "too bad" and just move one. When your own camera housing floods and zaps your video camera it is a whole different story. With more than five diving days left and only one hour of video I am more than bummed - helpless and rage comes to mind.

As I jumped into the water this morning I noticed a drop of water on my viewfinder, then I saw a stream of air bubbles coming from the housing...I immediately lifted the camera out of the water and headed back to the boat. Damage had been done, camera does not work anymore.

Asides from that, the diving was great, over 6 tiger sharks at one time, it became a bit daunting as they love to sneak up behind you, need to pay attention to your surroundings at all times.

On a side note, yesterday Kristin Palitza joined us on the dive. Kristin is a journalist that has lived in South Africa over 6 years. She wrote a great article about my dad that has been published in various publications including Vanity Fair in Italy. Tomorrow we will go to Durban to have dinner with her.

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