Friday, April 20, 2012

Sad news from South Africa again.

Just one day after I posted the report about the tiger sharks killed in the nets close to the Aliwal Shoal, a tragic shark attack took place in the Cape Town area claiming the life of David L., a 20 year old South African body surfer. 

Amidst the many speculations about what might have triggered the fatal accident, here is an official report that couldn't have been more balanced and exhaustive, and speedy. The report was written just one day after the attack occurred. 

I will not comment on the tragedy; I am not competent on analyzing shark accidents. Above  all I feel that as a father I can only show solidarity with the parents and the brother of David by stepping back and being  silent. 


Kherns said...

Hi I have just discovered your blog, and I'm totally impressed, or whatever you could call it. I have a profund respect for what you're doing, and the way you feel towards and with sharks. Those are feelings I totally understand, and the fact that humands only for most part live in their human world. You have here an open window on the sea, and particularly, an open window over sharks. If I could and be able to do what you do, I'll do it for sure.Intimidating fascinating creature, so beautifull and who are I think mostly peacefull. I won't be able to speak well about them, but in fact I just admire them, and I have a dream to one day dive amongst them. When I see them, it makes me wana cry, I can't explain that feeling, just maybe cause they're just so beautiful. Kudos to you for hugs with tiger sharks. I did not know this was possible, and this is great !

Wolfgang said...

Dear Kherns:

Thank you so much for your emotional comment. Your words really moved me. We definitely have the love for sharks in common.

I know nothing about you but if you feel like joining me on my next tiger shark dive trip (Novmber 2012), please send me an email. I understand the trip arranger has one open spot left. My addresse;

A bientot, j'espere.