Friday, April 20, 2012

New blogger design

I am not really impressed. First I thought this fast moving cyber-world is really too tough to grasp for old farts like me. Then I read some of the comments, most likely written by youngsters - they feel the same as they also question the advantages of the re-design. 

Well, I guess I will get used to the new look, eventually.  By the time this will happen, however, I am afraid we'll have yet another complete overhaul of the present design which will pose a new mental challenge to assimilate it quickly. Looking at it positively, it will probably be good exercise for my shrinking brain...  :-)  

Whatever - we are certainly living in a new world; but is it brave? Look at Europe and their politicians, some of them pathetically incompetent, take China, Putin of Russia, the Middle East, the US - and, yes, Bolivia, where we are witnessing historical socio-cultural and political changes while the essence of the country is still the same - rotten to the core by a seemingly ineradicable century old tradition of corruption.

I feel that I need to be back at Tiger Beach with my sharks - they are a stabilizing element in my  life; something I can hold on to without having to fear it will slip through my fingers faster than I can think about it. I fell in love with sharks when I was six; sixty-five years later I am still in love with them, more than ever before. 

Romancing a Caribbean Reef Shark (Bahamas 2011)
Photo: Michel Lonfat

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