Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Living without a stomach for almost three years now.

March 2009 - I can't believe I had such "muckis"!!

It has been quite an ordeal; and yet, I am alive.

Many people around us, acquaintances, good friends, my sister Erica, have died of cancer during the last three years. So, I should be grateful for still going, though not as strong as I used to.

I have lost a lot of weight, and it seems impossible to regain it. Digesting without a stomach is a problem; my diet is quite balanced and very healthy (carbs, protein, vegetables, fruit, grains, pasta) - not only that: Instead of just drinking whole milk, I add 50% of cream, sometimes I even drink pure cream: Yummie!! But all this doesn't help.

I wasn't able to put on even 100 g since I kissed my stomach good-bye. If I eat something that is not right at any given moment, I have to "return" it in order not to endure the pain in my guts.

January 2012 - these ain't no "muckis" anymore; they are a joke... :-)

This three year long experience made me realize that the stomach is probably the most important organ - or so it feels not having one. (OK, some will say: The heart and the brain are more important. I agree with the heart part - but the brain? Look around, and you'll see how many humans can happily do without it... :-).

Anyway, some essential nutrients can only be absorbed by the stomach, and as the German pun goes: "Man ist, was man isst." (= You are what you eat.). So now I am what I am able to absorb.

However, as I said - no complaints; others fare much worse.

Even though I am rather weak, I can still free-dive with my beloved sharks, and I am, so far, strong enough to lift my little Wolfie without overexerting myself. These are good enough reasons for me to celebrate life.

Thus, here is 'To Life!'; 'L'Chayim!', "Auf das Leben!"


Mark Harding said...

wow wolfo i was just thinking about you, i was editing some blue shark stuff from this year.
damn, firstly on the first photo, what are you 70 in that picture? what a pair of bazookas!!!

and in the second, jeez. it has hit you hard. but you are right, it is not necessary to have a brain, and there are plenty of people out there that have no hearts.

you have the biggest heart, and it is that that has kept you going. keep it up big man. VW!!!

Wolfgang said...

Thanka you very mucha, Marka.

Justa turnda 68 a in da firsta picsha. In da second ona abouta to turna 71 (in Marcha).

Hopa to maka da blue squalo tripa in 2013!!!

Un fuerte abrazo!!!


Rudy said...

Wolf, you are a man who has experienced many miracles in your life.

To have survived considering how advanced your stomach cancer was is remarkable in itself but you have also had a grandchild enter your life as well. Not to mention a great family and an animal of two with undying love and loyalty.

You still have another 20 years left to build those muscles.