Thursday, January 05, 2012

Andy Brandy Casagrande IV.

No, I am not going to bitch about ABC 4 this time.... :-)

Quite the contrary.

What I have seen today in Mike Neumann's blog, a sample of ABC4's talent as a wildlife cinematographer, simply left me breathless. It ranks among the very best I have ever seen. Just incredible!!

Does a pro like ABC4 have to sell his outstanding talent to Shark Week and the like? Definitely not!

What he should do instead is produce a film about sharks, aim as high as he can, make absolutely no compromises, and get back with the most outstanding shark documentary ever done. From what I have seen in the clip above he could do it. ABC4 does not need the hype and the shark pornography to market his art.

Andy - you can see how easy it is to convince an old not so 'glorious basterd' that he is still educable and also capable of changing what to some might look like a high opinion of himself... :-) :-)

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