Thursday, December 15, 2011

What? More of the same?

Yes, I know.

Photo: Wolfgang Leander (Tiger Beach 2011)

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And yet, somehow I like these two tiger shark images quite a bit.

One shows, again, how incredibly attentive tiger sharks look at you. This is what made a profound impression on me when I saw them for the first time in my life back in March 2007, at Tiger Beach. I looked into their dark eyes, and I immediately felt what the French call "le coup de foudre" (= love at first sight).

Photo: Wolfgang Leander (Tiger Beach 2011)

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The other image is full of that indescribable, captivating ambiente when you dive with sharks at dusk (shark attack "experts" say that is the time of the day you should avoid swimming in the ocean.... What do they know?...).

That's all, folks, I haven't got anything else to say, today..... :-)


David Ulloa said...

Great pictures!!! They very much capture the essence of the shark. As I read your posting, the phrase that comes to mind is the one that states "we get what we give." If you felt "le coup de foudre" -- well then, you must have had that in eye as well.


Shark Diver said...

While swimming at dusk with Tigers for mere mortals like us is still ill advised, you Wolf, have proved to be made of something stronger.

Nice snaps, I always love your take on sharks in B and W, these animals reveal something truer in that colorless range.

Jupp said...

Hi Wolf, great photos. I personally believe that swimming at dusk is not a good idea, but diving at dusk or even at night is, as we all know, not a problem. What do you think?

Wolfgang said...

You guys are right - I should have said diving / free-diving at dusk is not "dangerous"; swimming, yes, that is probably a different story....