Sunday, October 23, 2011

Best PR for sharks....

.... is to get serious and environmentally engaged journalists interested in the plight of these endangered creatures. Professional writers are the ones who can make a difference by informing and educating their readers.

They need good PR professionals, badly!
Photo: Wolfgang Leander (Tiger Beach / Bahamas, 2010)
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Here we have a good example how this can be done: Juliet Eilperin, "Washington Post" reporter, took a bunch of journalists on a shark tagging tour with Neil Hammerschlag of the University of Miami.

Read this one account of the trip, put together by Todd Woody, a "Forbes" editor.

Good job - excellent, far-reaching multiplier effect!

And dig this: A very well researched new book on sharks written by Juliet Eilperin. Highly readable, highly recommended!


Wolfgang said...

Talking about good PR for sharks, here is another cool link:

Jupp said...

You are so right Wolf, I was recently told by a German TV station that they would like to talk to me about sharks but only after another attack. It's sad but that's what the media is interested in: blood and seriously injured people. We do need good PR for sharks but will we ever get it?

Groupdmt said...

yes i am angry with Wolfgang Talking about good PR for sharks,:)
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