Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mark "the Shark" - an American psychopath.

Bravo!! What a macho man you are!!

Four of the hundred thousand sharks this "recreational" shark hunter has killed - so far.
Photos: Barcroft Media

The images and the article say it all - what else could I add? That this eco-pervert is a disgrace? That he personifies what has become to be known as the "ugly American"? That killing two pregnant tiger sharks with 90 pups in their bellies isn't "cool" but an outright crime?

Read the article, and disseminate it among friends and acquaintances.

The AP reporter must have been given a free ride on the boat; in return he gave Mark "the Shark" a free advertisement ride. Shame on both!!


OfficetoOcean said...

As you say, a revolting article by a newspaper which is reviled as a right wing, socially elitist rag which promotes homophobia, casual racism and even at one time had links to the Nazi party but...

If it highlights anything, the comments are pretty much entirely against the article and shows the weight of feeling amongst the ordinary man on the street is shifting in favour of the shark. That is one poositive I can take from this, the complete revulsion amongst readers the paper thought it was appealing to.

punkt A said...

Interesujące. Pozdrawiam.