Sunday, September 18, 2011

Feel like Tiger Beach bumming?....

Tiger Beach: Best underwater beach to bum around - by far!!!
Photo: Wolfgang Leander (2009); the diver is Lyn Nelson, also a qualified TB beach bum - :-)

....I will, and I understand that Dom Macan of DiveAdvice has still three open spots on the forthcoming trips aboard the spacious "Dolphin Dream" (Oct 30 - Nov 5 and Nov 6 - 13).

As much as I am addicted to the tiger sharks of Tiger Beach, these two trips might be my last ones in the foreseeable future. *)

So, if you think that this is a chance to join a "professional" Tiger Beach bum, click here to get in touch with Dom.

Whoever you are, it would be nice to see ya "out there".


*) Next year I will have a more traditional dive vacation to introduce my grand-son Wolfie to the marvels of the Bahamian undersea world (never too early to do that; I taught Felix to freedive before he could walk, also in the Bahamas).

And 2013? How could I plan that far ahead? In my age?!? No way, "Hosay" (= Jose)!!...

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