Thursday, February 24, 2011

Grossvatervorfreuden. *)

*) = The joys of becoming a grandfather

Yes, the bad old Wolf will finally become a Grandwolf toward the middle of July, and thanks to the progress in the medical field, the parents, Carmen and Felix, already know that their kid will be a little wolf.

That takes me back 35 years when Karin was pre
gnant and we had to wait until Felix was born to know it was Felix Alexander, not Ana Catarina, if our baby would have been a girl. I wanted a girl, Karin wished for a boy.

Having been present at the birth, I was the first to know we had a boy, and as I was already then highly adaptable by nature and life experience, I immediately fell passionately in love with the boy I would go fishing with eventually!... As it turned out, we did more
diving than fishing.

Felix, 5 weeks old (Nassau / Bahamas, 1976)
Photo: Wolfgang Leander
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Felix could never really understand that every time I look at him I still think of him as the schnuffelig baby he once was.

His own little boy will make him realize that parental love is more than just a three-dimensional affair - it is that mysterious fourth dimension that is the ever lasting 'bonding agent' between parents and children.

Mazel tov to Carmen and Felix, and to Karin and me!!!


Megan Frances said...

Congratulations, Wolfgang! How lovely! And what a great photo of Baby Felix.

leilani said...

Congratulations Wolfgang and Karin!

Liz said...

Very exciting! We too await a baby grand.....daughter. Mark & Louise are expecting any day now......withing next 2 weeks.
lots of love, Liz & Larry

Jupp said...

Congratulations Grandpa. I'm already one ahead of you. But I'm the older one, too. Please give my regards to Grandma as well.
All the best,

Shark Diver said...

Are those...gills?

Good looking kid.

Wolfgang Leander said...

Thank you all so much for your friendly comments!!

The Sharkman said...

Thanks for sharing Wolfie. My congratulations to you and your family.

lyn nelson said...

Congratulations Wolfer and Karin on the news of a new baby granddaughter on the way!

I am so happy for you. Love you both, Lyn said...

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