Monday, February 21, 2011

Ethologist Ila France Porcher: Sharks are sensitive and intelligent.

Most people still believe that sharks are "killing machines" and "dumb" animals. Here we have a book that tells you just how little even shark divers like me know about these fantastic creatures.

My multi-talented friend Ila France Porcher is the author of "My Sunset Rendezvous", an unsual and most captivating book about her vast experience studying, and closely interacting with, black fin reef sharks in French Polynesia.

What makes the book so special is Ila's deep passion, and compassion, for animals, and her scientific approach to the subject of shark ethology, coupled with a love for words that is a rare combination in the world of science and literature. Ila also illustrated the book.

Read about the book, and have a look at some of the reviews as posted on

Marine and land biologists, shark lovers, and literary gourmets will hugely enjoy "My Sunset Rendezvous".

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