Thursday, December 16, 2010

Here are more pictures of "her" - taken two and three years ago.

She used to be relaxed before she was hooked, and wouldn't mind letting me play with her.
Photo by Amanda Cotton (2008)

After her trauma her personality changed - she is now afraid of humans.
Photo by Wolfgang Leander (2010)

She can be easily recognized by the pigmentation marks on her belly.

Back in 2008 she had been already hooked with light fishing gear. The small hook that was embedded in the left corner of her mouth didn't really do much damage to her. I tried to free her from the hook but
couldn't get it out with my bare hands.

Look closely, and you will see the hook and a piece of nylon.
Photo by Wolfgang Leander (2008)

In March 2007 she was featured in National Geographic - she was a star then; she still is!!

Photo by Brian Skerry (National Geographic)

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