Saturday, December 18, 2010

A close-up of the deformed tiger jaw.

We need a name for her - any suggestions?

My good friend Paul Spielvogel took this pic one week after I left Tiger Beach. The jaw injury is permanent, as you can see, but I trust that she will still be able to feed herself properly.

"Scarface", the 17ft tiger shark lady of Beqa Lagoon (Fiji Islands)
Photo: Terry Goss

"Scarface", the famous resident tiger shark of Beqa Lagoon, has lived with an injured lower jaw for a long time, and seems to have adjusted perfectly to the deformation of her mouth. Every diver who has met her, fell in love with her.

"Scarface" ain't no toy shark! Here is my friend Mike Neumann filming her.
Photo: Tim Rock

May "Scarface" and her smaller cousin of Tiger Beach live many more happy tiger shark years, and not fall into an angler's trap once again!

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