Saturday, August 28, 2010

Inside a Shark Bite without risking Life and Limb...

Last year Felix and I had the kind of friendly encounters with tiger sharks we both love: Just hanging around with the babes of Tiger Beach, swimming and diving freely with them.

Felix put together a nice video clip we thought you would enjoy watching.

At the end of the clip you will see one of the tigers g
etting very interested in Felix' camera.

We were both at the surface when the shark grabbed the camera, and already had it inside her cavernous mouth. Felix held on to his camera and managed to get it out of the tiger's jaws without hurting himself. It was easy as the shark's bite was rather gentle.

Felix filming the last sequence of the video clip.
Photo: Manuel Lazcano (2009)
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I was right next to them, and can testify that Felix did not risk "life and limb" going into the mouth of the tiger girl - definitely not the stuff "Shark Week" is made of.... :-)

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怪哉 said...

We had been each on the surface area once the shark grabbed the camera, and currently experienced it within her cavernous mouth.
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