Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It’s Better in the Bahamas – even if it is just for a day…

One of the perks of living in Miami is that you can take a day trip by boat to The Bahamas – depending on the conditions and the boat you could be there in about 1.5 hours.  Crystal clear waters and an abundance of fish that you just don’t find in Miami anymore.

One of my diving buddies and friend, Manuel M was able to secure two spots for us on his friend's (Pedro Q) power boat – a 24ft cata.  The purpose of the trip was to go spearing and hopefully bring home some dinner.  I am referred to as “Greenpeace” – I was armed with my camera – although I did spear some dinner as well.

We met at 5:30AM at Pedro’s house and moved our gear to his truck and were off to the marina.  The boat had been readied the night before, so by 0600 we were east bound.  It was a close to perfect crossing, conditions were calm and we were able to cruise at 30 knots.

We explored several spots, some better than others.  From the good ones we were able to get a few hogfish, lobster, snappers, and groupers.  Of course we were also greeted by the Bahamian sharks (six at once) – who were extremely excited at the notion of wounded hogfish in the water…one took off with fish and spear, chased by three other sharks.

As the spearing continued, the sharks became more curious and bold, coming to the surface and standing their ground…we decided to move on…it’s their reef.

Was able to get some decent video sequences of the trip which I will have to put together over the weekend…that is of course unless there is diving to be done.

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