Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Do you want to watch a con movie?

The shark world has been pretty quiet this year and there seems to have been a shift in conversation, people accepting people for who they are and what they do, and somewhat of a harmony.  Chatter on Shark Week was minimal compared to last year - I have to confess that I still have not seen one episode, they are saved on the DVR...pretty sad, but that is what a few years of bad programming can do...

But now there seems to be something people are talking about - a movie called "The Shark Con - A new Controversial Film" - it actually came up towards the end of last year.  I do not know what to make of it from watching the trailers and it all strikes me as very one-sided without any credible voice from the scientific community on a subject that deserves that type of input.

Shark Diver recently posted a good read about it...

"As predicted it has aroused quite a L'orage du merde among members of the shark diving and shark conservation community.

If the litmus test for industry anger and backlash could be measured in email terabytes, then this "documentary" would win all manner of awards.

Having not seen the film but watched the evolution of it within the industry I am struck at how fast some of those involved with the film are running for the hills. Disavowing their on screen presence and soft pedaling their way out the back door..."


Wolfgang Leander said...

Well, Felix, I have just seen the trailer, and I know who produced the "doco" - that's enough for me to give this film a very low rating. I don't think that any self-respecting scientist would have taken part in this venture.

The producers have realized that the film might be counter-productive, and are now looking desperately for a respected shark researcher to give his / her input in order to "balance" the message...

怪哉 said...

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