Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Stefan Wiessmeyer - Master Jeweller and Goldsmith.

Stefan is also an avid diver and a committed conservationist. His work reflect his passions, and is truly outstanding. I have never seen dive and ocean related silver and gold jewelry that comes even close to his art.

To become a master goldsmith in Germany, you first have to undergo a rigid apprenticeship of three and a half years to obtain a professional license.

It is only after having acquired a few years of working experience that you can then apply to a goldsmithing institute or a jewelry and art design school to graduate as "Goldschmiedemeister" (= master goldsmith) which will also qualify you to train apprentices.

In other countries there are less demanding training methods to become a professional goldsmith - but then again, "Made in Germany" is still what is always was: The best, or almost the best, you can get...

Have a closer look at Stefan's Tiger Shark Tooth - it is a Special Edition which really honored me as I have to admit...

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