Saturday, March 27, 2010

Atlantis Resort, drunks, and shark molesting

It has been a while since we have seen stupid people "interact" with sharks.  I just read a post and saw the videos over at Shark Diver.  The videos pretty much speak for themselves - two drunk idiots (stereotypical college buffoons) getting into a pool with nurse sharks...which really are harmless. But molest them, and they can inflict a nasty bite.

But this goes well beyond the drunk morons...what on earth in Atlantis Resort doing allowing this circus behavior? No security? What is their policy on animals / animal treatment / drunks?  They have had animal management problems in the past - but do not seem to have really done anything about it.

You can send an email or call Megan Marchesini - public relations contact for possible answers:

Megan Marchesini
Phone: 212-659-5203


Rodrigo "Digone" said...

After seeing this video I was so unhappy...I was expecting and hoping for the shark to turn around and bit at least one toe off one of this idiots...
What a couple of clowns!!
Rodrigo "Digone"

sunsetdiver said...

Just watched these videos. If any two people deserved to be "shark attacked" these two idiots were it. Why would you get pleasure out of doing this? If Atlantis Resort wants to have these sharks at their hotel then they need to take measures to protect them from idiots like this! Guaranteed if they would have been bit, they would have sued! Completely disgusted by these videos.

claudio said...

It is disgusting the fact that a so called Resort,allows this kind of practice by their ignorant guests.Not only that,but the fact that they keep Sharks in captivity by the looks of it,this Resort should be Blacklisted and Padi take the Resort label from whoever runs a dive operation there.
These people should all be Named&Shamed and re-educated.
It's a shame this guy did not get bitten !!

Felix Leander said...

Thanks for the comments - please share these with Atlantis...

Wolfgang Leander said...

Too bad this brainless young man did not get bitten! But then, some breinless journalsit would have had his story: "Atlantis guest attacked by aggressive shark" - either way, very bad publicity for the Bahamian resort.

The Kerzner group which owns this and other resort complexes in other parts of the world should leave sharks alone.