Saturday, February 13, 2010

Blogs, friends, and the internet.

I would like to show you that Mark Harding is not only an excellent videographer, a dedicated shark friend and manta conservationist, a professional still photographer, but also, as you will see, a talented blogger.

Mark Harding loves these gentle giants - and is committed to their protection.
Photo: Wolfgang Leander (Galapagos, 1999)
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How did I meet my good pal Mark? Simple - over the

That leads me to think that some of my very best new friends were internet acquanintances that evolved into solidly established cyber-friendships before I met them in person. Just to name a few: Jean-Francois Avenier ("Jifa"), Marcelo Mammana, Mike Neumann.

Beyond that, what and where would I, and countless others all over the globe, be without the blessings of the internet?

That story which has yet to be written, has changed, and is still changing, our civilization in such a profound way that it could only be compared, perhaps inadequately, to man's 'discovery', and use, of fire.

I am still unable to grasp the internet's astounding dimension and importance....

Anyway, as a retiree I am glad that it exists otherwise I would have to collect stamps or, worse, get even more on my wife's nerves. :-)

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