Friday, February 05, 2010

Among the best...

Wolfgang Leander and Tiger Shark  
Photo by Felix Leander

My dad would never write what I am posting, in fact he will probably give me some lip for it...but I think it merits a mention and shout out.  

Last year, "Photographer" (Ukrainian Edition) featured the world's top U/W photographers and their photos...and among the Doubilets, Nachoums, and Perrines there was a Leander. 

I must say that it is a great list to be part of....and the fact that my father takes all his photos while freediving and using a Nikonos V (with no flash) - and does it all as a hobby being almost 70 years old, and having survived three cancers makes this even more remarkable...

Yes, I said it, I am impressed by my old man.  In an age of digital photography where a diver can shoot hundreds of photos in a few minutes (there better be a good shot among them) - this is a feat.

I will say that I think the magazine missed a photographer, who in my opinion is the best: Fred Buyle. Art is subjective, and as the old Romans already knew: De gustibus non est disputandum  (= "In matters of taste there is no dispute").

My dad considers David Doubilet to be the best. He calls Doubilet The Underwater Henri Cartier-Bresson - as far as he is concerned, there is no higher mark of distinction than being likened to that French photography legend.

Anyway, here is a link to the post on WetPixel.

Congrats old man!

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Wolfgang Leander said...

As much as I feel flattered having been featured as "one of the best", I am objective enough to recognize that some amazing photographers I know would have deserved to have a place in the magazine's special edition: Amanda Cotton, Fiona Ayerst, Thomas Peschak, Roger Horrocks, and, yes, Felix, definitely Fred Buyle.