Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Watermen freediving with White Sharks

William Winram with White Shark - Photo by Fred Buyle

Over a year ago I met freedivers Fred Buyle, William Winram, and Pierre Frolla - all very different personalities but sharing one passion - in South Africa while freediving with tiger sharks.  We have remained in touch on and off and know that together they have been working on some fabulous things.

Most recently I came across Ocean Encounters and a post by William about freediving with Great White Sharks - somewhere in the Pacific, three watermen broke a myth:

Says William: "After reviewing the footage filmed during the expedition, the Ocean Encounters team is hopeful that these images will impact the world to change its perception of the great white sharks. Commonly thought as the most voracious man-eating creatures of the seas, these creatures are IN FACT shy and fragile." - read the complete post here

Sounds very much like what my dad has been saying without having the long and intense experience the three watermen had...cannot wait to see the footage for their ongoing documentary.

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