Thursday, December 03, 2009

Silver and Two New Pan-American Records at the World Championships for Canadian Freediving Sensation William Winram

William Winram - Photo by: Igor Liberti

Remember we just wrote about William Winram - well, seems like he has been doing very well competitively in the freediving world - I am sure the white sharks inspired him:

"Long Island, Bahamas – December 03, 2009 – Vancouver-born William Winram announced and realized a clean dive in the breath-hold discipline of Constant Weight without Fins (CNF). Winram dove breast-stroke style down and up a dive line to the set depth of to 86 meters (282 feet) during the 2009 Individual Freediving World Championships, held in Dean’s Blue Hole on Long Island, Bahamas. Not only Winram’s 18th Pan-American record claimed in four years since his debuts in the sport, today’s dive earned the Canadian Champion a silver medal, no less.

Winram had already achieved a Pan-American record depth of 80 meters in the same discipline, during the qualifying event, on November 28, 2009. The new depth he achieved today during the finals opens a new era in the sport of freediving in the West, as he is the first individual to reach that depth on his own power in the Americas.

The other compatriot to attend this world-class competition was current national record holder Jana Strain who also realized a new Pan-American in the finals, in the same discipline, bringing the record to 54 meters (177 feet) and earning solidly her the third position on the women’s podium. 

William Winram is not only an accomplished competitive freediver who has medaled several times at the world championships, he is also involved in ocean conservation projects, particularly shark preservation. To read further on his endeavours visit Winram also provides breath-hold diving education with an environmental focus through Ocean Encounters (

Winram will be leaving the Bahamas tomorrow for French Polynesia where he will join former multiple freediving world record holder-turned-photographer Fred Buyle ( to complete the filming for a series of five documentaries for Ocean Quest."

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