Saturday, December 12, 2009

Freaking Wetsuit

Tiger shark in a pool - Photo by Wolfgang Leander
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Nov 19, 2009

I have not met many people that enjoy getting into their wetsuit – two piece freediving / spear fishing suits are even more challenging.  I have a Yazbeck and Cressi Competition 2, both have issues.  My Yazbeck ripped the first time I wore it, and not because it got caught anywhere – the overall manufacturing quality is substandard.  The Cressi suit is a tougher build, but the interior material has slight rips as well.  Getting into both suits is about a 15 minute ritual and has worked out muscles I never knew I had (it has become easier over the days as).

Made it into my suit...Photo by Mike Ellis

As for the diving today – the visibility was even better than yesterday, but sometimes the ocean does not want you – and today, it did not want me…it was whispered to me twice, once by a large tiger (it was this one that made me get out for a while) and once by a small one.  My old man did not hear them or they did not whisper to him…Of course it was nothing serious or dramatic for that matter.  I just did not feel right and I think the sharks could sense it.  Nothing a 15 minute break could not take care of.


Shark Diver said...

Hey Mate,

I am 100% sure those sharks do not whisper to your he is who whispers to them;)

Wolfgang Leander said...

Felix - I told you: You should have kept the O'Neill wetsuit. Fantastically built, far superior to the Yazbeck and the Cressi.

Listen to your old man occasionally. While he is becoming irrelevant - going the path we all have to go - when it comes to being anal and other 'perfect quality' issues, he is still "der Alte" ------- :-)

Felix Leander said...

Hey Pat - that is true...the whispers and seduction comes from the Wolf ;)

Felipe C said...

nice tan

Felipe C said...

hey ... I need help on a wetsuit since I am buying one in the coming months. I love O'neill so I will probably go with that. Ill ping you guys for advice once I am ready!