Saturday, October 03, 2009

On the right path

It has been a while since we have really dedicated any time to the blog, partly due to the fact that my dad was recovering from his treatment.  And I am happy to say - at least for now - things are looking good and he is on the right path.

A little less than a year ago, I posted a photo of my dad (with the intent to embarrass him for all the photos he posted of me) as he was getting fit and ready for shark diving.  See below:

Well, after having his stomach removed, months of intense treatment (radiation and chemo), he has finally been able to get back to somewhat of a "normal" life...the photo below was taken a few days ago:

Still some weight to be put back on - but definitely on the right path.

Says my old man:

"Dear Friends:

This is the result of two weeks at the gym, hahahahahaha!!  ----------   there is no other way to regain the muscle mass I lost due to the operation and the chemo and radiation therapies.

The last CAT scan, done early this week, was "clean". Thus, things don't look as bad as I thought - so far. ... The best news: In 5 weeks I will be back in the Bahamas to pet my striped babes!"

Originally I had planned to only spend one week out there with the Wolf - but after everything that we have been through this year I figured I might as well get as much down and shark time with him while I can...


Shark Diver said...

Get better Wolf, glad to see you looking good sir!

Deep Blue Resort said...

Wolf you are looking well, congratulations.

From Steve Fox

DaShark said...

Good on 'ya Wolf!

Unkraut vergeht nicht! (:

Wolfgang Leander said...

Yeah, that is what I am: Unkraut, une mauvaise herbe, a good for nothing weed!!! :-)

Oceanic Defense said...

Great to see you with a smile and getting back to the tiger girls! Nice guns by the way!! ;)