Sunday, October 04, 2009

I know, I know....

"Olga" - gentle as ever.
Photo: Paul Spielvogel
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..... you have seen these type if pics before, and some of you might say: "What else is new? Wolf - this is beginning to bore us."

It's just that I am so excited at the thought of being back in about 5 weeks, hopefully meeting "Olga" again. I will definitely recognize her; she probably won't as I was not as close a friend of hers as was my good old Swabian buddy Folkart ------ :-)

And you know what? Next year I hope to be able to freedive with Great Whites. A famous photographer who leaves the cage to swim around with these awesome creatures when the conditions are right calls this ultimate shark diving adventure "The Everest of Diving".

Gotta talk to DaShark.

Would I become addicted to the whites? You betcha!! However, I would never be unfaithful to "Olga" and all the other beautiful and gentle striped girls that have enriched my life, and actually kept me going when the going got really rough a few months ago...

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