Thursday, September 03, 2009

Would YOU like to dance with Bahamian Tiger Shark girls?....

Wolf among his aquatic friends at Tiger Beach
Photo: Amanda Cotton

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........ then you should join the Leanders, Felix and the Wolf, on one of the forthcoming trips to Tiger Beach.

The arranger of the trips, Dom Macan, told me that there are a few spaces open: One on the November 8 to 15 trip, and four on the November 16 to 23 back-to-back trip.

The live aboard is the "Dolphin Dream", a comfortable and spacious dive vessel owned and operated by Captain Scott Smith.

Look forward to being pampered by the cook on board the "Dolphin Dream", Gale. She is Scott's sister-in-law - and her food is so delicious that if you don't look after yourself, you'll be a few pounds heavier once we head back to Palm Beach... :-)

I will be the shark dive guide, and I can assure you that diving with tigers and lemons is an elevating experience you will never forget. It has changed my life since I did it for the first time.


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