Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Discovery Channel's Shark Week Day of the Shark 2

I think I will not dive with sharks anymore - they are monsters and I am very afraid...that is the only effect that Discovery Channel's Shark Week has had on me. So far I have watched three episodes and the only thing I have seen is blood and heard "killer".

Day of the Shark 2 thoughts:

  • Red / hungry / kill
  • Neil H is a bad bowler
  • Surfers are crazy - but I do respect them - they have a special relationship with the ocean and sharks - but they are still crazy for dangling on the surface
  • Not one of the shows thus far would have been watched by my children (if I had any) way to graphic - no need to show the open wounds and do not have any educational value
  • Have nothing to say about the shark cage breach except that one of the divers said he is "passionate about sharks" - then why did he release the footage. I think he is passionate about money and fame
  • "Lethal eating machine" - poor sharks
  • Bahamas and Florida must love all the good publicity that Discovery Channel is giving them
  • I have to agree that hogfish is the best tasting fish - also the easiest to spear
  • Surprised they filmed a hogfish dying on spear - whatever happen to "no animals were harmed during the..."
  • Film a reef shark and call it a bull / several scenes talk about one shark but show a different species
  • "But sometimes shark attack on purpose..." great line
  • Pleased by the positive attitude of shark encounter victims
  • I would have jumped in and pounded on a shark as well if Tibu (my dog) was in trouble. My dog's name is Tibu - short for Tiburon (shark in Spanish)
  • But even dogs forgive sharks
  • Navy SEAL was in "hand-to-hand" combat with shark - if anything hand-to-fin
0 for 3 Discovery Channel...

I am surprises that Febreze (Proctor and Gamble) is sponsoring Shark Week - why would they want to associate their brand with the gore? Product good to clean blood? Eliminate dead fish odors?


Dustin said...

My favorite show was the one where they took the guy who was an expert with terrestrial predators and then threw him in the water with sharks to see how he would react.

Airjaws said...

Hope your comment about not diving with sharks was black humour!! Karen

Felix Leander said...

Yes - only kidding, although by the end of the week (if the shows continue the way they are) I may not dive with them any more ;)